Friday, October 18, 2019

Japan ice cream

A Japanese Ice Cream for Valentines Day

A Japanese Ice Cream for Valentines Day. I have been thinking about what type of Japanese Ice Cream could be good for Valentines day. It would have to be luxurious and delicious. This ice cream is both. Japanese Haagen Daz Rare Cheese Cake ice cream. I don’t usually like Haagen Daz but this one is […]

Cute Japanese Ice Cream Cupcakes, I would love to make them

Ice Cream Cupcakes with bear faces. Cute Japanese Ice Cream Cupcakes, I would love to make them. Don’t they look great. It has Strawberry ice cream for the head and vanilla ice cream for the bears nose. These are all real ice creams made to look like cup cakes (my mum calls them patty cakes) […]

Japan Talk

Sapporo Beer Museum

Expand your beer knowledge, have some stellar brews and eat some hearty cuisine Brewers have been producing quality beer in Sapporo since 1877. The Sapporo Beer Museum opened over a century later in 1987 to show people how the iconic Sapporo Beer brand prepares its drafts and to promote the beer-making craft. The museum, which […]


An explosion of neon and entertainment awaits at Osaka’s Times Square Osaka’s hotspot for tourists and revelers alike, Dotonbori is filled with towering neon signs, clubs, bars, and restaurants serving up local specialties. Come here for a stimulating and essential slice of Osaka nightlife. Don’t Miss Walking the neon-lit streets at night Posing under the […]

Coastal Iwate

Experience the rugged unspoilt beauty of Iwate’s coastline Shaped by the forces of nature from its rock formations to the towns devastated by the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, the coast of Iwate holds a dark allure. From lonely beaches to mysterious caves, coastal Iwate is a fascinating place to explore. Don’t Miss The rock formations […]



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