Asparagus with poached egg アスパラガスとポーチドエッグ

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This was an impromptu dish I made one evening. This dish came about because I found Davidson’s pasteurized eggs at our near-by gourmet  grocery store for the first time early in the day. (I was glad to find them in such a convenient location. Previously we had to go to another grocery store that was a bit far-away). Since I already had blanched green pencil asparagus prepared, I came up with this dish.

I poached the egg and it had a runny yolk (I could make it runny because I was using the Davidson’s pasteurized eggs I just got).

Before eating, we just broke the yolk and used it as a sauce. I also served freshly baked baguette to mop up the yolk.

I first sauteed the blanched tops of the green pencil asparagus in butter seasoned with salt and pepper.

Meanwhile I poached the pasteurized eggs as I posted before.

I placed the asparagus in a small bowl and put the poached egg on top. I sprinkled a bit of Kosher salt on the top. This was a very nice dish, egg and asparagus are always a good combination.

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