Avocado Tofu アボカド豆腐

japanese cake

We usually keep some avocados on hand. I buy the greenest and hardest avocados I can find and let them ripen on the counter top. The reason I buy only unripened avocados is because already ripened avocados from grocery store look like they have been used as hockey pucks; they are usually extremely blemished with brown soft spots that need to be cut out. Often, the only thing that can be done is to “euthanize” the poor things. For this reason they are not even worth buying. I let the rock-hard ones I buy ripen for a few days on the counter in the kitchen. When they start to ripen I move them to the refrigerator. That way, I have a steady supply of avocados all week. I usually slice them and put it in the sandwiches we take to work. I often make leftover avocados into guacamole. This weekend I made one into guacamole but still had one left. I happened to come across this recipe which was originally from the blog by a Japanese woman who lives in France. This looked interesting. Since my wife (and I)  are into gelatin based dishes, I made this avocado tofu.

Since we have not yet harvested new myoga from our backyard, I garnished this with my home-made pickled myoga みょうがの甘酢漬け (from the last year season), wasabi and perilla. For sauce, I just repurposed the broth from my summer cold simmered vegetables.

The below was servings for light lunch over the weekend, I noticed dark color just on the surface despite I used a small amount of lemon juice which was not in the original recipe. All avocado containing dishes discolor after exposure to oxygen. At least this dish did not turn into the non-appetizing brown color that the exposed surface of avocado often will take.

This was the sort of two course light lunch and I served avocado tofu as a first dish which was followed by lobster bisque with crab meat. This time, I thawed a tube of real wasabi. Compared to common imitation wasabi (made from horseradish), the real wasabi made a big difference, I garnished it with tobiko, thinly sliced scallion.

I also added a small leaf of perilla. For sauce, I used concentrated noodle sauce straight. This tasted better with very good bonito dashi flavor.


One avocado, stone and skin removed, cut into small cubes (Original avocado weighed 225grams)(#1).

Half silken tofu* (250g) (#2)

Cream 1tbs

Lemon juice 1tsp

Powdered gelatin (I envelope, about 6 grams) and cold 3 tbs water.

*This is US made by “Nasoya“. It is silken tofu and is quite good but mostly being sold for making “smoothies” (#2).


In the  plastic container for my emersion blender, I added avocado, cream, and lemon juice (thinking this may prevent discoloration),  I added the tofu and blended using my emersion blender (#3). I bloomed the gelatin in cold water in a small pyrex ramekin. I microwave it for 30 seconds until dissolved and mixed into the avocado-tofu  mixture. I lined a small disposable loaf pan with a plastic wrap and poured in the mixture and let it set for several hours. 

This is a very luxurious dish. It has an amazingly smooth texture and nice avocado flavor that goes well with wasabi and soy sauce based sauce.

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