Baked crepes in Béchamel sauce クレープのホワイトソース オーブン焼き

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Since I had leftovers from the large batch of crepes I made, I came up with two near near-identical dishes to have with wine in the evening. One was made with my leftover roasted pork filet (below). I served it with cucumber and onion salad with yogurt sauce. I also made a similar dish using my (leftover) sake-steamed chicken breast. I took only one picture of the chicken dish after it came out of the oven (the last picture) but I forgot to take pictures of the final plated product. So this time, I made a point of taking a few more pictures including some of the final dish. Both dishes are almost identical. The differences are types of cheeses and meat I used. 

Essentially, I made a Béchamel sauce starting with sautéing finely chopped shallots and shiitake mushroom adding flour, sautéed them together for few minutes. I added milk at once and stir until the sauce thickened. I seasoned it with salt , white pepper and freshly ground nutmeg as posted before. I then added cubes of sake steamed chicken or roasted pork filet and sautéed spinach into the  Béchamel sauce. I placed a small portion of this mixture on the crepes (#1) and rolled them into a tube. I placed these stuffed crepes in a small baking pan (#2) and covered them with the remaining Béchamel  sauce. I covered this with grated smoked cheddar and parmigeano reggiano cheeses. I baked it in a 350F oven for 10-15 minutes.


I used a mix of grated smoked Gruyere and cheddar cheese on the dish I made with the sake-steamed chicken (below).

For both dishes, I let it rest for 5 minutes before serving.This was a nice dish to have with wine. It was also extremely satisfying—bordering on comfort food (how could it be anything else with a nice Béchamel sauce and melted cheese). Although I do not remember exactly which wine we had with this, I am sure, one of our favorite reds.

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