Baked marinated tofu redux ピリ辛豆腐のオーブン焼き 第2弾

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When I posted baked marinated tofu, I promised I would try it with frozen and thawed tofu. Here is the dish.

Tofu: I used firm tofu and froze it 24 hours in a freezer without taking it out of the package. The next day, I moved the frozen tofu to the refrigerator. It took two days to completely thaw. After that, I drained any excess moisture as I did with a regular tofu.

The marinade was the same as before and cooked it in identical fashion.

The result? I do not like the very dry and spongy texture that results from this method. The texture is different from more authentic freeze dried tofu called “shimidoufu” 凍み豆腐 or “kouyadoufu” 高野豆腐. My wife liked this version more than I did. Certainly I do not think this is worth the effort.

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