Canned Mackerel canapé サバのアメリカ版缶詰のカナッペ

japanese cake

We tend to think canned food can last forever but apparently that is not the case. All canned goods have an expiration date. Although even when past its expiration date, canned food may still be quite good. When I see that the can is several years past its expiration date, however, I throw it out. I found several cans of sardines and anchovies in our pantry which fell into this category.  So the next time I was at the grocery store, I bought some replacement cans, one of which was canned mackerel in olive oil. Japanese canned mackerel サバ缶 is usual bone-in, cut cross-wise or “dou-giri” 胴切, it is either cooked in water or seasoned with miso or soy sauce. Either way, the bone is soft – probably pressure cooked – and can be eaten. The one I bought was boneless fillets packed in oil by “bumble bee tuna” company. I decided to use it to make a small canapé.

On the “everything flat bread“, I smeared a mixture of our favorite Spanish olive oil and my wife’s strained yogurt (Greek yogurt) with chopped fresh dill. I seasoned it with salt and freshly cracked black pepper. I then placed a skinned and sliced Campari tomato on top. Finally, I topped the stack with the filet of mackerel. 

This was rather good. The mackerel was neutral tasting. Despite being canned in olive oil it was not oily and the usual strong favor was not prominent. The Greek yogurt with olive oil is as good or better than sour cream (our home made creme fraiche could have been better, though).

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