Carrot potage 人参のポタージュ

japanese cake

This was entirely made by my wife. After making fresh carrot juice from 8 medium sized carrots, she used the remaining pulp to make this potage. She added onion, potato and parsnip. This turned out to be quite a nice potage. I have to ask her to continue here.

I sautéed two diced onions in a soup pot, I then added 4 parsnips cut into coins and 6 baby potatoes cut into fourths and continued sautéing. Finally, I added the pulp left over from juicing the carrots as shown in the picture above.  I added enough chicken stock to cover the veggies put the lid on simmered until the parsnips and potatoes were cooked. I added no additional spices except some salt. When everything was cooked we puréed using a “motorboat” blender.

The potage turned out to be quite sweet. The sweetness came from the vegetables. The parsnip flavor seemed to predominate and it was very nice. This was a great use of the leftover carrot pulp. By not adding any additional spices the subtle flavors of the vegetables I used were able to shine through.

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