Cheese stuffed small sweet peppers スイートペッパーのチーズ詰め焼き

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We found a bag of colorful small long sweet peppers in our grocery store. They were very colorful with yellow, orange and red. We deiced to get one to see what we could make from it. We used some of them in asazuke 浅漬け and fried rice (thinly sliced or finely chopped), which added a nice sweet pepper taste to the dishes. We have seen cheese stuffed Jalapeño peppers recipes before. We even saw a special chili grill for the purpose of grilling stuffed jalapeno. Instead of Jalapeño pepper, which would probably be too hot for us, I decided to make a similar dish using these min-sweet peppers.

Since we do not have a chili grill, I decide to stuff the peppers from the side. I removed the roof of the peppers and removed the seeds and veins as you see below. It is not clear from the picture but I used crumpled aluminum foil so that I could place the peppers securely and horizontally.

For the stuffing, I used two cheeses; spicy harvati, which has chopped red hot peppers in it, and applewood smoked cheddar cheese. I made small dices of both cheeses and mixed with finely chopped shallot and cilantro. I also added a small amount of potato starch and mixed them all up. I stuffed the cavity of the sweet peppers (left in the picture below) and then topped it with a slice of gruyere cheese (right in the picture below).

I baked the stuffed peppers in my toaster oven preheated to 375F (convection mode) for 15-20 minutes or until the cheeses melted and brown spots started appearing (below).

I waited for a few minutes until the cheese solidified a bit before serving. This can not go wrong. Essentially you are eating grilled cheese with the nice flavor of sweet peppers, shallot and cilantro. It is a perfect drinking snack for any drink. The skin of the peppers bothered my wife and I saw her removing it before eating. Next time I may have to remove the skin of the peppers.

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