Chestnuts 北米産の栗

japanese cake
In mid September, we finally got a shipment of North American Chestnuts from Girolami farm. I have already exhausted my repertoire of chestnut recipes but one post per year is warranted to commemorate the chestnut season.  This year, I made only a few dishes. The first one was chestnut rice 栗ご飯.  I used regular Japanese rice instead of sweet rice this time. As before, I made it in the “Kamado san” かまどさん donabe rice cooker.

North American chestnuts have many creases and when mixed tend to crumble into smaller pieces. I seasoned the rice with a mixture of black sesame seeds and kosher salt “Goma shio” ごま塩.

Since it was Sunday, we had some small dishes (which I do not remember) and the chestnut rice was the ending or “shime” dish. I usually barbecue some kind of meat mostly for sandwiches the next week. This time we cooked pork roast.

Since we were already rather full, we had a few slices of pork with cucumber onion salad with Greek yogurt dressing.

Here are all three items lined up. I was a pretty good combination.

This is just a composite picture of this year’s chestnuts. They are nice large, fresh chestnuts (much better than imported uncooked chestnuts from Europe).

I’ve finally gotten the hang of peeling these type of chestnuts. I first soak them in cold water for several hours and then boil them for 30 minutes. I take several at a time and start peeling them while they are still hot. The outer skin is easy to peel but the inner skin requires some effort. In any case, I peeled quite few of them in no time.

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