Chicken “soboro” on rice ライスのそぼろのせ

japanese cake

This is the second dish I made from the chicken “soboro” I made a few days ago. This was a small ending dish one evening.

I just made three stripes over a dish of rice using the chicken soboro, spinach and scrambled egg. This is a variation of “bento” box.

Spinach: My wife prepared an entire package of baby spinach a few days ago. She just put the spinach in a dry wok (no water) with a lid on low heat. As the spinach steamed she used a tongs to move the cooked spinach on the bottom to the top. With this method the spinach steams by itself without adding any water. I chopped the cooked spinach coarsely, added dried bonito flakes (katsuo-bushi or kezuri-bushi, dried bonito shaving which come in a small plastic package) and concentrated noodle sauce (from the bottle). The amount is to taste but not too much.

Egg: I simply made scrambled eggs from one egg seasoned with sugar and salt.

Assembly: using, a ring mould as seen below, I first packed in a layer of white rice to make a disk and layered it with stripes of chicken soboro, spinach and scrambled egg.

This is very good flavor and color combination. You can make it any shape or amount you like. You can also change the seasoning such as sautéing the spinach in bacon grease and seasoning it with salt and pepper etc. Other greens such as asparagus, green beans will also work. If you want add another color, you could add cooked carrot seasoned whatever way you like.

This was a perfect “shime” ending dish for us.

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