Cold pasta with cilantro Jalapena sauce 冷製パスタのハロペニョソース

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This was a cold pasta dish I came up with for lunch using all the leftovers we had one weekend. When I made cold pasta with cherry tomato, I cooked too much linguine. Thinking of something similar to cold ramen noodle, I came up with this “fusion” cold noodle dish.

I added leftover  slices of barbecued and hot smoked pork loin,  spicy baked tofu,  simmered cold vegetables (I only used carrot for color), julienne of cucumber.

I garnished it with cilantro leaves.

The sauce was also made on a whim. In my immersion blender container, I added Dijon mustard, finely chopped seeded and veined Jalapeno pepper, fresh cilantro, olive oil with splash of dark sesame oil and ponzu-shoyu sauce (from the bottle) and emulsified using my immersion blender.  Because of the mustard, it stays emulsified for some time. I dressed the cold linguine with this sauce which is similar to the sauce used in cold ramen noodle with some additional flavors of Jalapeno and cilantro. For an impromptu leftover control dish, this was not too bad.

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