Cold tofu topped with daikon greens and crispy Jako 掬い豆腐の大根葉とカリカリじゃこ乗せ

japanese cake

This is another small dish made with daikon greens. This time I happened to have soft tofu,  “Blowing in the wind Jonny” and decided to top the tofu with the daikon greens and dried crispy small fish or “jako” 雑魚, which is a variation on the theme of cold tofu with garnish.

I thawed  the “jako” blotting out the excess moisture with a paper towel. I then fried it in a small amount of sesame oil (below left) until the jako became crispy (1-2 minutes). I had prepared the daikon greens previously; blanched then shocked in ice water with the moisture wrung out (below right). I chopped the daikon green finely and mixed in a small amount of undiluted concentrated noodle sauce (from the bottle) and a splash of sesame oil.

I scooped the tofu out of the package into a small bowl and topped it with the seasoned daikon greens. I then placed a small mound of crispy “jako” on top. I added a small amount of the noodle sauce around the tofu in the bottom of the bowl.

There is nothing special about this dish but the quality of tofu was rather good with a nice creamy texture and almost peanut-like soy bean flavor. The creaminess of the tofu was in contrast to the pleasant crunchiness of the topping. The sauce and daikon greens gave a burst of crunch and pleasant bitterness.

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