Cold Tofu with olive, olive oil and Balsamic vinegar 冷奴のオリーブオイル、バルサミコ酢かけ

japanese cake
This is not necessarily blog-worthy but good to have for our record. I had a this creamy tofu with intense soy bean flavor from Otokomae 男前豆腐.  I modified toppings of this cold tofu dish so it would go well with red wine.

I served it on a bed of baby water cress.

Toppings included, sliced almond-stuffed green olive,  “yukari” ゆかり(red-shiso flakes/salt), aonori 青のりwith our favorite Spanish olive oil and syrupy balsamic vinegar. 

This dish went well with the red wine we were having. The watercress added a slight bitterness. The combination of Western and Japanese ingredients worked surprisingly well.  This is certainly a variation of cold tofu toppings I should remember.

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