Crab “Kanitama” Omelet 洋風かに玉

japanese cake

When we had crab meat stuffed baked lobsters recently, we had excess crab meat and I decided to make a quick crab omelet or “kanitama” かに玉. Kanitama is usually made in a round disk-shape and served with a Chinese-style sweet and sour thick sauce or “ankake” 餡かけ.  I decided to make it in a rectangular shape like “Dashimaki” Japanese omelet and did not make any sauce but I did put some soy sauce on top.

I seasoned the omelet with fresh dill, salt and pepper.

I mixed two eggs with finely copped fresh dill, crab meat and seasoned it with salt and pepper. Using my rectangular omelet pan on medium-low flame and a small mount of olive oil added, I poured in the entire egg mixture at once (left below) and started stirring so that it cooked quickly making small curds. While there was still enough uncooked egg mixture to make the folds stick together, I quickly folded the large square into a smaller square (mostly using flicking wrist motion) (right below).

Kanitama composit

Since I was not using pasteurized eggs, I tried to make sure it was cooked through, but I may have over done it (below).

In any case, the amount of leftover crab meat was quite generous and this Japanese-Western hybrid omelet was luxurious and good.

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