Dashimaki with tarako wrapped in nori 海苔巻きたらこのだし巻き

japanese cake
Although I have posted similar dishes. this one came out rather nicely (visually). This is an example of stuffed Japanese “dashimaki” omelet だし巻き. The most famous/popular is stuffed with eel called “U-maki” 鰻巻き. This time, I stuffed it with tarako cod roe which was wrapped in a nori sheet. I bought this “tarako” たらこ code roe, to make “tarako” spaghetti たらこスパゲッティ (actually using thin udon). I had one sac left over so and few days later, I made tarako dashimaki for the evening.

I removed the tarako roe from its sac (by cutting the sac open and scraping the content using a knife blade leaving the membrane) and wrapped it with a nori sheet (cut to match the width of the rectangular Japanese omelet pan). I just rolled this into the center of the dashimaki omelet.

The tarako was just barely cooked underneath the nori.

Salty cod roe, nori and sweet omelet went so well together. This type of dish really calls for sake.

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