Ebi Yaki “Æbiskiever” エビ焼 “エビスキーバー”

japanese cake

As we suggested in the previous post of “Takoyaki” たこ焼き, we made “Ebiyaki” エビ焼き. Since we made this in our Æbelskiever cooker, I name this “Æbiskiever” エビスキーバー.  We had this for lunch one weekend.

From the outside, they look the same as takoyaki. This time I used bonito flakes as garnish with aonori 青海苔 and my takoyaki sauce たこ焼きソース.

Once you cut into it, however, instead of octopus, you’ll find shrimp.

I used shell-on raw frozen shrimp, thawed under running cold water, shelled, cut into chunks, and salted (below).

After some discussion with my wife,  I decided to omit “Tenkasu” 天かすsince our store-bought variety does not add any flavor (this must be related to the kind of tenkatsu you use) and once cooked in the batter, no texture remained in the takoyaki.  So, I used chopped scallion and the shrimp but nothing else in our Æbiskiever.

I prepared the batter as before but I used powdered skim milk as the original recipe suggested. I let it rest over night in the refrigerator. For the first batch this time, I did not do as well as my first try. After my wife took over for the second batch, we learned that you have to be extremely patient (which I knew and I was when I made takoyake, but in general is not my forte) until the crust is fully formed before trying to turn them over. The sauce was made as before; a mixture of Lee and Perrin worcestershire sauce, ketchup and honey. I made the sauce slightly sweeter than before.

I am sure a traditionalist “Takoyaki” connoisseur will cringe at our innovation but we really liked this Ebiyaki “Æbiskiever”. Watch out, more variations to come!

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