Eel omelet 鰻巻き

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My wife reminded me that although I have mentioned it several times in the blog I have not actually made “U-maki” 鰻巻き. It is pronounced as “Wu-maki” not “You-maki”.  It is a type of Japanese omelet made with a piece of eel “Kabayaki” うなぎの蒲焼 wrapped in Japanese “dashimaki” だし巻き omelet. Since I had a frozen eel “Kabayaki” package in the freezer, I made two dishes from it. U-maki was the first one. Although the eel came already sauced in the package, I decided to make my own sauce to go over it. I thought my home made sauce would be fresher than the one the eel was packed in.

This is before I added my Kabayaki sauce.

The picture below is an 11oz eel kabayaki thawed overnight in the refridgerator.

Ingredients I used to make my own sauce:

Soy sauce 300ml

Mirin 300ml

Sake 100ml

Sugar 250-300 grams


I added the mirin and sake to a saucepan and gently boiled it for a few minutes to let the alcohol evaporate. I then added the sugar and soy sauce. After the sugar melted completely, I gently simmered the sauce and reduced it by half. The sauce attained a thick viscous consistency. If I had some eel (or anago which sea eel) bones available, I would have grilled them and added them to the sauce while simmering to increase the flavor. Then I would have strained the sauce to remove the bones. 

I used 1/4 of the package of eel. Since I was planning to use my own sauce, I removed the sauce already on the eel by soaking the fillet in hot water from the InstaHot and gently rubbing the surface to remove the original sauce (This is based on my assumption that my home-made sauce would be better or at least fresher, than the one on the eel).  I blotted both sides with paper towels. I wrapped the eel pieces in aluminum foil with the skin side down (I thinly coated the foil with oil to prevent the skin from sticking) and placed the packet in the toaster oven (on toast mode) for 3 minutes. I then opened the top of the packet to expose the meat side of the eel and put it back in the toaster oven. I brushed on the sauce I made several times and cooked the eel for another 3 minutes.  I scored the surface with a chef’s knife and cut into two pieces (below).

Dashi maki:


3 eggs

3 tbs Dashi broth (I used #1 dashi 一番出し I made few days ago with kelp and bonito flakes).

1 tbs sugar

1/4 tsp salt


I coated a rectangular Japanese omelet pan with oil and placed it on a medium low flame. When the pan was hot, I poured in 1/4 of the egg mixture and spread it. When the bottom was set, I placed the two pieces of eel on top of the eggs one inch from the top of the pan to span the width of the pan and started rolling. I repeated the process by adding the egg mixture and rolling (below). 

This is a classic combination. We really liked this. I thought my home made sauce worked out pretty well.  this dish is perfect as a drinking snack for sake but even red wine will work with this.

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