Fish cake and green beans “Isobe” fry ちくわとインゲンの磯辺揚げ

japanese cake

I made this dish to try out the new plates we recently acquired in New York. This white square plate with rim is very versatile. My only complaint is that it does not seem to have been made to stack—when stacked on atop the other the top plates slide off making it difficult to store. I realized that I had defrosted “chikuwa” 竹輪 fish cake the previous day but did not use it. I decided to make tried-and true “Isobe” 磯辺 fry. I also made green beans in the same  fashion.

Chikuwa: I cut it in half crosswise and then cut the halves into 4 pieces lengthwise to make 8 small batons.

Green beans: I trimmed both ends and cut in half to make the length equal to the chikuwa pieces.

Tempura batter: Just a mixture of cake flour and cold Seltzer water plus dried “aonori” 青海苔 sea weed. I made this a thin, runny batter.

I deep fried in 170F oil until done (the chikuwa 1-2 minutes, the green beans 3 minutes).

These two items were quite good. The green beans got so “etherial” like the dried green beans. The chikuwa developed good slightly chewy texture. Both had nice crisp  light crust with “seashore” flavors from the “aonori”. I served this with my usual green tea salt.

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