Fried Amaebi heads and sashimi 甘エビの頭の唐揚と刺身

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This is not a new dish but since we recently got amaebi 甘エビspotted prawns from Catalina among other things, I decided to post it again. This is the very first dish I served after we received toro, uni and amaebi from Catalina. I decide to serve deep fried shrimp heads and shrimp sashimi together. I changed how I served the sweet shrimp sashimi. For this preparation, I chose 4 of the smaller shrimp. The large shrimp heads are better suited for miso soup.


I removed the heads, trimmed antennae and proboscis, dredged in potato starch (optional) and deep fried in peanut oil for 5 minutes turning once or twice. I removed the shells from the shrimp tails and deveined them. I cut them into small bite size chunks. (By the way, I made shrimp broth from the shells).


I seasoned with sea salt and sprinkled them with sake and marinated for 10 minutes before serving. Since two of the larger shrimp had roe, I added some of the roe to the sashimi. I then added a small dab of freshly thawed “real wasabi”.

This is the best way to enjoy the pure taste of rather sweet raw shrimp meat. My wife removed the wasabi (she said she didn’t want to taste anything but the sweetness of the shrimp). I, however, mixed in a small amount of the wasabi which I think accentuated the flavor and made it taste even better. The deep fried heads were crunchy and nice, although you have to be very careful how you eat them so you don’t get stabbed by a sharp leg. My wife removed the hard outer shells and ate only the inside. I braved everything–the shell and all.

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