Fried cubes of polenta and cheese curd サイコロポレンタと自家製チーズカード

japanese cake

This was my wife’s idea and she made both the polenta and cheese curd. We had it as a starter dish one evening with a glass of cab.

Once they are fried, it is difficult to tell which ones are cheese curd and which ones are polenta. I served them with baby arugula and slices of skinned tomato seasoned with Kosher salt and splash of olive oil.

My wife also cooked the cubes of polenta and cheese curd after dredging  in flour and fried them in peanut oil.

After the crunchy crust was set, she drained them on a paper towel.

Both the polenta and cheese had their own distinctive textures and flavors but both types of cubes had a nice crunch crust outside and soft inside . This is a good starter (sort of salad with croutons).

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