Grilled mochi New Year’s day 4 lunch 焼きチーズ餅

japanese cake

Using bento-boxes to serve New Year’s dishes was good idea and I pushed this idea further for the 4th New Year’s day lunch. I used a small square stackable “Juubako” 重箱 box (4 1/4 inches, or 11 cm square) which we used in the past to serve candies and small sweets. I thought the small size would be perfect for lunch.

We started making grilled cheese mochi few years ago. Once we started, this became my wife’s favorite way to eat mochi. This time, I put grilled cheese on both the top and bottom instead of just one side. I also served small sheets of “nori” dried sea weed to wrap the mochi.

Most of these items were what I made.

Salmon kelp roll, chicken patty with fig and gorgonzola, red and white New Year fish cakes stuffed with guacamole I made and ikura (the guacamole stuffed fish cake was really good), poached chicken tenderloin dressed in wasabi soy sauce, date-maki, thinly sliced rib roast with horseradish soy sauce, Russian marinated salmon, my version of tataki gobo with sesame dressing, french-cut green beans with sesame-mayo and spicy tofu cubes. Although the box is small, it took quite few items to fill it.

We again used smoked mozzarella cheese which grills very nicely making crispy “wings”.

This was a perfect lunch.

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