Grilled shrimp with Yuzu-kosho marinade 海老の串焼き柚子胡椒風味

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Since the mosquito-free period is limited, we are doing outside grilling as often as we can. This is one of those times. For a change, we grilled skewered shrimp. To make it interesting I made a marinade which contains yuzu-koshou 柚子胡椒.

This was good. It was a bit spicy but had a nice citrus flavor from the “Yuzu”.

Marinade: I mixed yuzu-koshou (from a tube, 2 tsp), soy sauce (2 tbs) and mirin (1 tbs).

I brushed this several times on the both side of the skewered shrimp (above picture) and let it sit for 30 minutes.

I cooked on a medium charcoal fire turning several times and also brushing on the marinade (above). Doneness is somewhat difficult to tell but the best way is to remove one from the end and cut into it to make sure everything is opaque (Even that was difficult since it was getting dark).

In any case, this was a nice appetizer for the evening.

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