Grilled sweet pepper stuffed with pork ペッパーのにら豚肉詰め

japanese cake

This is a variation of something I posted before, pork stuffed sweet pepper. Last time, my wife did not like the skin of the pepper—she thought it was too tough. Since I had access to the charcoal fire in our Yakitori grill one weekend, I decided grill the pepper and remove the skin for this dish. I also modified the stuffing especially because spring has arrived and garlic chives are growing in our herb garden.

We added a combination of smoked cheddar and gruyere cheese on the top.

This time, without skin on the pepper and nice flavor of garlic chives, this dish was better received.

Sweet pepper: I used an entire package of small sweet peppers (9 or 10). I grilled them on a hot charcoal fire until the surface blackened. Then I placed them in a Ziplock bag. I let them steam and cool. After the peppers were cooled, I removed the skin (which was relatively easy). I made a single slit along the length and removed the seeds (like two in the front, picture above).

Stuffing: The ground pork was from the trimmings of a pork tenderloin which I hand-chopped. The amount is all arbitrary since I did not measure any of the ingredients. I sautéed finely chopped onion, shiitale mushrooms, ginger, garlic and garlic chives in vegetable oil for a few minutes seasoned with salt and pepper. After the cooked ingredients cooled to room temperature, I mixed them into the ground pork. I added a small amount of sesame oil, soy sauce and hand mixed it. I stuffed each pepper with the meat filling.

Baking: I first baked it without cheese at 350F for 20 minutes. I then added cheese slices on top (smoked cheddar and gruyere) and baked 2-3 minutes or until the cheese melted (the first picture).

This time, my wife liked it  better since there was no tough skin on the pepper. The addition of  fresh garlic chives added a lot to the flavor. We will be eating the left over as a snack a for few more days. Perfect starter.

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