Hash brown potato and egg casserole ハッシュブラウン キャセロール

japanese cake

This was yet another breakfast dish made by my wife. She saw this recipe on line. The original recipe used packaged frozen “hash brown” potatoes and “chicken sausage”. In general we don’t stock premade frozen foods but we always have potatoes so we replaced the frozen hash browns with finely julienned potato. We also replaced the sausage with leftover roasted pork filet. As you can see below, the exposed portion of potatoes got “high done”—the recipe requires some further refinement. This was served with sweet onion, cucumber salad dressed in rice vinegar and Greek yogurt and my wife’s whole wheat dill rolls.

Using a Japanese mandolin (Benriner), I finely julienned white potatoes. I tossed them in about 1 tbs. of olive oil to coat and added salt and pepper. Then I put them in two small ramekins (#1). We baked this blank in a 400F toaster (convection) oven for 10 minutes (#2).(Next time we need to lower the temperature). Meanwhile, my wife mixed together two eggs,small cubes of roasted pork, and cheddar cheese. We poured this egg mixture into the nests of potato and baked for another 10 minutes or until the egg was cooked (#4).

This was a quite nice small breakfast. If we can prevent the edges of the potato from getting overcooked, this will be perfect.

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