Japanese style beef steak salad 日本風ビーフステーキサラダ

japanese cake

This is a small starter dish I made from some leftover steak. Whenever (which is rather rare) we have beef steak, we usually do not finish it at the initial sitting and have leftovers for another meal. I usually make a carpaccio style salad dish from the leftovers but the amount of beef left this time was quite small. I decided to make a small Japanese style salad.

I garnished it with a chiffonade of perilla leaves and white sesame.

The sauce was essentially ponzu with some additions.


Beef steak, cooked medium rare, thinly sliced (we used leftover steak, the amount is arbitrary)

One small red onion, thinly sliced, salted, kneaded, and then soaked in water for 5 minutes. Finally with the moisture rung out.

Half an inch of daikon, peeled, very thinly sliced and cut into very fine julienne (like for sashimi garnish), soaked in cold water for 5-10 minutes.


1 tbs Ponzu sauce

1 tbs concentrated noodle sauce

1/2 tbs Yuzu juice (fresh is better but I only had the kind in a jar)

1/2 tbs roasted dark sesame oil


Perilla leaves, cut in fine chiffonade, I used one leaf per serving.

Roasted  white sesame seeds, sprinkled on top


Just mix everything except for the garnish, place it in a small bowls and garnish.

This is remarkably good dish. The perilla really made it. Adding the yuzu juice added nice Yuzu flavor. The red onion and daikon were very mild and added to the volume of the dish as well as their flavors and texture.

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