Lobster bisque as amuse bouche ロブスタービスク

japanese cake

As usual, after another recent “splurge” dinner of lobster I made lobster bisque the next day. I decided to serve the lobster bisque garnished with left over claw meat as an amuse-bouche. Since the bisque was so rich I wanted to serve a small amount so I used some tall narrow containers we got sometime ago in San Francisco (I am not sure they were originally intended to be used for because they are an odd size and shape. They are too large and tall to be used for sake cups, too narrow for a tea cup and too small for a tumbler). Nonetheless we liked the color and bought them but never really found a use for them.

The piece of claw meat was a good size but mostly sank into the bisque.

Since this version of lobster bisque was very rich (I used good amount of butter and cream). This was the perfect amount for us as a starter. We finally found a practical use for these otherwise lovely dishes. 

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