Lobster Bisque with carb meat カニ肉入りロブスタービスク

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When I went to our regular grocery store, they had a special on previously frozen (and just starting to thaw) lobster tails at the fish counter. I got two and made sous vide butter poached lobster tails. As usual, I made lobster bisque from the shell. Compared to whole lobsters, the amount of shells and resulting bisque was just enough for 2 small servings. I served this with a mound of lump crab meat as a part of weekend lunch which was proceeded by avocado tofu.

Since I had tobiko roe, I used it as a garnish and also small cubes of cucumber (American mini-cucumber).

We had this with my baguette. As my wife says, she likes the lobster bisque almost more than eating lobster itself because it is the distilled essence of lobster without the work of cracking the shell. The addition of crab meat and tobiko roe made this bisque a little bit special.

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