Matsutake Dinner 松茸

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When we got 1 lb of matsutake 松茸, we had to concentrate on having an “all matsutake” dinner so that we could finish it before it went bad. Nothing new here but the proof that an all matsutake dinner is definitely not too much of a good thing.  They are similar or identical to I posted before (Sakamushi 酒蒸し, Chawanmushi 茶碗蒸し, Tenpura 天ぷら, Matsutake rice 松茸ご飯, Grilled 焼き松茸, Dobinmushi 土瓶蒸し).

Matsutake rice 松茸ご飯 and clear soup of matsutake 松茸のすまし汁.

Matsutake grilled on touban 松茸の陶板焼き.


Matsutake chawanmushi 松茸の茶碗蒸し with ginko nuts and chicken.

This was the second version of matsutake omelet 松茸のオムレツ. Instead of chopped scallion, I used chopped shallot.

I think we can wait for one year for the next matsutake feast.

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