Momokawa sake “Silver” and “Diamond” アメリカ醸造桃川酒 シルバーとダイアモンド

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Last time I posted US brewed sake, I mentioned two: “Momokawa” sake, “Diamond” and “Sliver” by SakeOne. When new batches of Momokawa sake come out, I taste them since they are different every year. Based on the most recent tasting of Momokawa I decided that the “Silver” was too austere and dry (even a bit bitter) and the “Diamond” was too cloyingly sweet. It does have a nice slightly viscous mouth feel, however, and nice fruity and “umami” flavors. I liked the new brew especially “Diamond” and wished it was not so sweet. This gave me the idea of mixing the two sakes to see if I could make a meritage I liked.

I made two different mixtures; the one on the left is one part Silver to one part Diamond. The one on the right is one part silver and two parts Diamond.

We liked the one-to-one mixture best. It is not as sweet as a straight “Diamond” but has enough added flavors from the “Diamond” to offset some of the austerity of the “Silver”. The end result was quite palatable. We’ll probably be using this combination again in the future.

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