Nagaimo and natto fry 長芋と納豆の落とし揚げ

japanese cake

I saw this recipe on line.  It looked like a perfect drinking snack. Since I had both natto 納豆 and nagaimo 長芋 in the fridge, I decided to try it. I served it with a sprinkle of Kosher salt and wedges of lemon.

This was a qualified success. However, we would much prefer natto tempra with perilla leaves 納豆と大葉の天ぷら. 


Natto, 1 pack, frozen, thawed, with a liquid seasoning pack and mustard

Nagaimo, 100g grated

Aomori, 1/4 tsp

Flour 2 tbs

Oil for frying.


1. I placed the natto, nagaimo, and all the flavoring packs that came with the natto in a bowl.

2. I added dried aonori and flour.

3. Mixed them well.

4. Placed the batter on a spoon and dropped it into the hot oil. I fried it until the surface was crispy and  brown.

I probably should have put more flour in this dish. It was a bit difficult to fry. I had to fold it while deep drying to make it come together. I may have over cooked it as well. The result was very light and crunchy without much substance. The natto was not sticky and had a rather assertive flavor. My assessment may not be fair to this recipe since I may not have made it properly. Nonetheless we probably much prefer natto tempra with perilla leaves.

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