Natto avocado cheese spring roll チーズ入り納豆アボカド春巻き

japanese cake

I am always looking for new nattou 納豆 recipes. I came across this one in E-recipe (in Japanese). It took sometime for me to finally try it.

This was shallow fried but the spring roll skin was very crispy and the combination of nattou, avocado and cheese (I used smoke mozzarella cheese) was quite good and even my wife (who is generally not a nattou devotee), really liked it.

The only problem with this recipe is how to wrap it. The Japanese recipe only said “cut the spring roll skin in half and then roll it into a triangular shape. I tried this by cutting the spring roll skin in half making a rectangular shape and also cut diagonally making a triangular shape but either way, I had difficulty making a neat triangular shaped package (upper left and right in the picture below).

Natto avocado composit

This amount made 6 small triangular spring rolls.

Nattou: One package (frozen). I thawed and added finely chopped scallion and the contents of the seasoning package that came with the nattou. I also added 1/2 tsp of miso and mixed well with my usual nattou mixing contraption.

Avocado: Half of a ripe avocado cut into small cubes.

Cheese: I use smoked Mozzarella cut into small cubes (amount arbitrary).

Flour glue: I made wheat flour glue by mixing AP flour and water.


I mixed the nattou and avocado together. I spooned the mixture on half of the spring roll skin and added the cheese cubes. As I mentioned, it was not easy to wrap the contents into a neat triangular shape. Using the flour glue liberally, I managed to make some triangular packages (Upper right in the picture above). I shallow fried the packages turning several times until the skin turned brown and crispy (about 2 minutes). I then drained them on a paper towel. (Lower right and left in the picture above).

Since I mixed the nattou well and it was cooked, the nattou was not as sticky and its characteristic smell was much less. Once nattou is combined with avocado and melting cheese wrapped in crispy fried spring roll skin, this dish cannot go wrong. It was a perfect small snack for any libation.

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