New Year’s day 3 lunch 正月3日のランチ

japanese cake

We had “Ozoni” as a New Year’s day lunch and Chef Kitayama’s “toshikoshi” soba 年越し蕎麦 as a lunch on the 2nd day instead of New Year’s eve (I did not take pictures). We made grilled cheese “mochi” for the 3rd day’s lunch with some goodies from what I made and from the Sushi-taro osechi box.

Sushi-taro osechi box included  traditional New Year’s dish “Kuri-kinton” 栗きんとん (mashed sweet potato with chestnuts).  Since it is a bit sweet, I served it as a desert along with chestnut “shibukawa-ni” 栗渋皮煮.

“Kuri-kinton” included chunks of chestnuts.

To go with these Japanese sweets, we had an interesting green tea which was given to me by a friend last year when we were in Japan. This tea came from “Sakurai baicha research center” or 櫻井焙茶研究所 in Aoyama, Tokyo 青山、東京. This one is a very interesting blend of spearmint from Aomori prefecture and green tea from Shizuoka.

Besides green tea leaves, dried spearmint leaves floated up when pouring hot water with whiff of spearmint.

We initially thought spearmint flavor would overwhelm the green tea but the spearmint flavor is very delicate. It is definitely there but not too overwhelming. We really liked this green tea. It went really well with this desert.

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