Octopus salad 蛸のもろ味味噌サラダ

japanese cake

The last time I went to the Japanese grocery store, I could not resist buying a leg of boiled octopus. We had a thick portion of leg thinly sliced and we enjoyed it dressed in mustard miso and vinegar dressing 芥子酢味噌.  I cut the remaining portion into small chunks or “Butsu-giri” ぶつ切りand made this sort-of Japanese-Italian salad.  The dressing was made of “moromi miso” 諸味味噌, yuzu juice and extra virgin olive oil (EVOO). We had this with a red wine and it went Ok.

I sprinkled on Japanese one flavor red pepper flakes.


Boiled octopus leg, cut into small chunks (amount arbitrary).

Japanese cucumber , one cut into small cubes (cut into 4 long pieces along the length and then cut across).

Celery, two stalks, veins removed and cut into small cubes.

Daikon, one 1/3 inch slice, peeled and cut into small cubes (I think Jicama will also work)


Moromi miso, about 1 tbs

Yuzu juice, about 1 tsp (I used one from the bottle)

EVOO, about 1 tsp

I just dressed the above ingredients in the dressing. After tasting I added a bit more moroni miso. I placed the salad on the water cress and sprinkled Japanese on one flavor red pepper flakes 一味唐辛子.

The combination of moromi flavor with cucumber and celery works well. The addition of EVOO adds an interesting “Italian flavor”. This is an interesting small salad to start the evening. This probably would go better with sake or beer.

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