Octopus sashimi Wasabi flavor with apple and olive oil 蛸のわさび漬け、リンゴとオリーブオイルいり

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This is a “proof of concept” testimonial. When we described the octopus dish we had at “Daikaya“, I said, the dish must be based on a frozen packaged item. To confirm my point I decided to reproduce the dish using the packaged item I had in mind. Since I did not have a “kaiware” daikon (sprout of daikon radish), I used finely chopped jalapeño peper.

I defrosted a package of “Tako wasabi-zuke” たこわさび漬け (picture below left, the price is for two packages). The picture, below right, shows what it looks like once thawed.

I just diced an apple (Fuji apple) mixed it in, splashed on a good fruity olive oil and garnished with finely diced jalapeño pepper (seeded and de-veined).

My wife thought my concoction was better than what we had at “Daikaya”. It has a nice yuzu-wasabi flavor and the pieces of raw octopus were much larger with a much nicer texture. (Maybe because of the difference in size and texture of the pieces of octopus in our dish, they did not stick between our teeth like the ones in the dish at Diakaya).  It was a good idea to add the crunch of apple and the nice fruity olive oil flavor to this type of dish but I’m not sure I would call this “cooking”.

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