Otoshi 3 kinds お通し三種類

japanese cake

These are another example of my otoshi appetizer threesome. Again these were made quickly from mostly leftovers.

The first  one is sort of Italian style octopus, a leftover part toward the tip of the tentacles after using thick portion for sashimi; Cucumber cut into small cubes, black and green olives, dressed in olive oil seasoned with smoked paprika.

The second one is my usual braised burdock root or “Kinpira gobo” 金平牛蒡, which I made the prior weekend.

The last one is leftover cooked salmon (broken into small pieces) dressed in mayo (mixed with Japanese one flavor pepper flakes 一味唐辛子 and light colored soy sauce 薄口醤油 garnished with ikura salmon roe.

Except for the Ikura, all these appetizers will go with either sake or wine. Instead of just one appetizer, having three is more enjoyable.

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