PD Lebanon Bologna roll-up レバノンボロニャロールアップ

japanese cake

This is continuation of the Pennsylvania Dutch Lebanon Bologna saga. After making sandwiches, my wife made this snack several times. It goes so well with red wine. She said it was a classic PA Dutch snack. It is very simple to make and tastes great, although may not be good for you.

I am not sure, but I suspect, my wife did not enjoyed this with wine as a child.

It is rather simple to make. It is usually made with Philadelphia cream cheese (of course). This time, however, my wife used “cream cheese spread“. We like the one with onion and chives. Just smear the cream cheese spread on one side of the bologna and roll it up, then cut into small tubes. If you wrap the rolls with a plastic wrap and refrigerate, it could probably be cut more neatly but it will taste the same. We tried this with both the sweet and the regular bologna and I have to say that although both taste good we much prefer the sweet variety.

This is a good snack for Cabernet. The bologna has nice smokey note with some sweetness, particularly if we use the sweet variety.

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