Pie rolls with cheddar cheese and fresh Jalapeno ミニパイロール

japanese cake

When my wife made Jalapeño cheddar roll, she thought of making a similar but smaller and easier appetizer rolls from store bought pie crust. The first one we forgot to take pictures and this is the second one she made.

This is small and flaky and perfect Hors d’oeuvre (this French word appears more appropriate than appetizers somehow).

She grated sharp cheddar cheese and smoked gouda. I deveined and chopped 4 fresh Jalapeño pepper (above).

She rolled out pie crust in to 18 x 18 inch square and put cheeses and Jalapneo as see above.

She then roll this up to make a cylinder.

Cut the cylinder into 1 inch-thick disk.

Place the disks into a non-stick mini-muffin pan (above) and baked it at 350F for 20 minutes.

The pie crust is Pillsbury which is found in a cold case at a grocery store. This can be frozen if you are not using it immediately.

The result was rather good. This is much flakier and a perfect Hors d’oeuvre.  we enjoyed it with a sip of wine. It freezes well too and can be easily heated up in a toaster oven.

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