Pork and shrimp teriyaki burger エビ入り豚肉照り焼きバーガー

japanese cake

This was just a leftover-control dish but it tasted good. When I made “Fried bamboo shoot stuffed with pork and shrimp“,  I prepared much more stuffing than I could use. Using this stuffing, I made this “burger” as a drinking snack.

I served this with green beans (which were already blanched, I just warmed them up in the same pan in which I made these burgers). I also served bomboo shoot “Tosa-ni” 筍の土佐煮. These made nice starting dishes for the evening.

Ingredients: (For two small burgers)

Ground pork, 40g (I hand chopped pork butt).

Shrimp, 60g (I used frozen, thawed and chopped finely until it had a paste like consistency)

Scallion, one, white part, finely chopped.

Ginger root, finely chopped (to taste)

Salt, to taste

Soy sauce, 1/2 tsp

Sake, 1/2 tsp

White pepper, to taste


I mixed together the above ingredients and formed the mixture into two identical patties. I cooked the burger in a small non-stick frying pan with light olive oil. I cooked about 2 minute or until browned and then turned over and cooked another one minute or until that side was nicely browned. I then added soy sauce (1 tbs) and mirin (1 tbs) and kept the pan moving and turning the burgers a few times. When the sauce evaporated enough to form a viscous sauce, I cut the flame. After I placed the burgers on the plates, I poured the sauce over them. I sprinkled on some “Sansho” 山椒 powder.

Because of the addition of shrimp, the consistency of the burger was quite different from a just meat burger. It had a more elastic texture (In Japanese, it is called “puripuri” プリプリ). The shrimp also added a slight sweetness. My instant teriyaki sauce went well. Sansho also added its unique flavor. This was a well-balanced first dish of the evening.

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