Pork chop “Tonkatsu” ロースとんかつ

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I have posted pork tenderloin cutlet or “hirekatsu” ヒレカツ sometime ago. This time I made tonkatsu from pork chops which is called “rosu” ロース in Japanese. I assume it is derived from parts of pork used for “roasting”. I think  Japanese “rosu”  pork is a loin and usually does not contain any bones such as ribs or shoulder blade. Compared to “filet”, this cut has more fat and is considered to be the original pork cutlet in Japan. In any case, I used bone-less pork chops here.

I served it with sauteed spinach seasoned with Dijon mustard and wedges of tomato.

Although the chance of trichinosis in US pork is very low, I do not take any chances and cooked the thickest center portion to 140F.

There is no real recipe. If the pork chops have a layer of fat at the edge, I usually cut into the fat (but not the meat below) in half inch intervals. l seasoned these with salt and pepper. I dredged them in flower, egg water, and panko bread crumbs. I deep fried them in 350F peanut oil for 5 minutes and then turned them over and cooked another 3 minutes. I  make sure the center of the thickest part is 140F using either the “cut and peek”  method or using a instant digital thermometer.

This looked really large but we ended up basically eating it all. We like “rosu” tokatus. It has more “porky” flavor and the layers of fat are sweet and succulent.

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