Potato with “Okizuke” squid ジャガイモのイカの沖漬けのせ

japanese cake

The most popular way to eat boiled or baked potato in Hokkaido 北海道 (and elsewhere for that matter) is with butter and salt (or soy sauce) (“Jagabata” ジャガバタ). Another popular way is to eat it with salted and fermented squid and guts or “shiokara” 塩辛. “Okizuke” 沖漬け is similar but it has no “innards” and is not fermented or too salty (marinated in soy sauce and mirin). I happened to have frozen squid “Okizuke” in a small plastic pouch in our freezer. So, one evening, I microwaved a small potato, removed the skin and served it with squid “okizuke”.

Just to be sure the taste profile was elegant enough, I also added a thin pat of butter and a splash of soy sauce. This is a great combination. Salty, sweet and cold firm squid okizuke mixed with warm, soft, and buttery potato makes a wonderful symphony of textures and taste in the mouth. I could have used more potato. For this kind of small dish, the only thing you can choose to drink with it is sake.

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