Prosciutto wrapped peach 白桃の生ハム巻き

japanese cake

We enjoyed cold past with fresh tomato sauce which became one of our favorite dishes especially during the hot summer. Whenever possible, instead of prepackaged prosciutto, we got our prosciutto from the delicatessen at our grocery store;  (Boar’s head brand apparently imported from Italy).   It went really well with the cold pasta dish but we had extra prosciutto left. So one day, I came up with this dish.  Although, prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe is a classic, we happened to have white peaches which were getting ripe. So, I wrapped wedges of white peach with the prosciutto.

I first peeled the skin of the peaches and cut into small wedges. My wife does not like the reddish portion touching the stone/pit, so I also removed that and wrapped the remaining wedges with prosciutto. I served it with leaves of baby arugula and drizzled our favorite Spanish olive oil.

This was not too bad. Salty porky prosciutto and peach is a good combination. The spicy olive oil and peppery flavor of the baby arugula also went well.

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