Pumpkin cheese spread パンプキンチーズスプレッド

japanese cake

This is another installment in the pumpkin puree recipe series. This was originally a cheese ball recipe but we did not make it to balls and just used it as a cheese spread. This is perfect with sipping wine.


8 ounces goat cheese,

2 cups grated manchego,

3/4 cup pumpkin

1/2 teaspoon each smoked paprika and kosher salt.

The original recipe said “pulse” the goat cheese but that does not work–the goat cheese is too thick to “pulse” successfully. (sometimes you have to wonder if the folks who publish the recipes have actually made them.) After the food blender stalled out I removed the half blended ingredients and mixed them by hand with a spatula (you can see the white specks of unblended goat cheese in the picture). My suggestion is to cream the goat cheese in a mixer then add the other ingredients. It would probably also be useful to have all the ingredients at room temperature

In any case, the mixture of manchego and fresh goat cheese gives very nice texture and taste. The addition of smoked paprika and pumpkin puree adds an interesting and complex flavor with a slight sweetness. We like this as a cheese spread and as I said before it tastes great with red wine.

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