“Saag Tofu” Indian-style tofu 豆腐のインド風ほうれん草ソース

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We are not at all familiar with Indian cuisine but my wife likes the “spicy” but not “hot” taste of some Indian-inspired dishes. She started making this Indian-style spinach sauce/curry which must be similar to “saag”. This time instead of “Saag paneer” which also contains Indian farm cheese, we made “Saag Tofu”. We figured tofu would stand in for the cheese curd.

The amount of tofu is rather arbitrary. Here I used a half block of tofu. I cut the tofu into small cubes and parboiled it before putting it into an oven proof pan. We added “saag”, mixed to cover the tofu. We baked it in a 400F oven (toaster oven, convection) for 15 minutes with a lid on the pan. We garnish this with coarsely chopped {roasted and cooled) cashew nuts.

The textured of cheese curd and tofu is obviously different but the tofu and cheese are essentially taste neutral. The crunch of cashew nuts and rather soft tofu makes a nice contrast. The sauce itself has the tastes of lots of spices but is only mildly hot (from Jalopeno pepper). We found this saag to be very versatile and can be used in many untraditional ways. This can be eaten with Indian flat bread (naan etc) but we enjoyed it by itself.

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