Sake lees marinated grilled Monk fish アンコウの粕漬け

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This is an experiment since I already had prepared sake lees marinade. Sake lees marinated cod was really good. We thought salmon would not be a good choice to marinate since it has a good flavor on its own which we love. I have never tried monk fish marinated in sake lees so I decided to try it. I served it witn green beans which was first blanched and then sautéed in butter. 

I grilled the marinated monk fish in our toaster oven.

Ingredients (for two small servings):

Monk fish, one filet, membrane removed and cut into 1 inch thick medallions

Kasudoko or sake lees marinade


I salted the monk fish medallions and let them sit in the refrigerator for 1 hour uncovered. I then blotted the surface moisture with sheets of paper towel and marinated them in sake lees marinade (#1) for 3 days. I removed the fish and removed the excess marinade (#2). I washed it in cold running water and blotted dry (#3).  

Using our toaster oven under the grilling function, I cooked the fish for 5-6 minutes per side turning once until brown spots appeared and it was cooked through (#4).

This is not bad. Sake lees marinade added its flavor to the monk fish but the consistency of monk fish got really firm. I think a flaky white fish like cod is much better for this treatment.

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