Seared or “aburi” fatty tuna トロの炙り

japanese cake

This is part of the tuna feast. Sometimes the fattiest part of tuna can be just a bit overwhelmingly too much fat for some (not for us). One of the ways to make the fattiness more agreeable is to use a technique called “aburi” 炙り. In the old days, charcoal fire was used but, nowadays, a kitchen torch is the most commonly used tool to accomplish this task. For this dish, I chose the fattiest portion of the tuna we had.

I placed the tuna slice on a plate and using a kitchen torch, I seared the sides of the tuna slices. I just served this with a garnish of chopped chives, fresh wasabi and soy sauce.

Searing does add a different dimension to tuna sashimi. We rather enjoyed this dish (a lot), which led to consuming more sake.

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