Squid in beer sauce tapa イカのビールソース煮タパ

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We like squid. The only type of squid available in our regular grocery store is relatively small, cleaned and previously frozen. We can occasionally get a frozen, larger whole squid (probably “Surume-ika” スルメイカ) at the Japanese grocery store. In any case, here again, I got a pound of squid from our grocery store. I asked my wife how I should cook it and she reminded me of a tapa dish I used to make frequently but have not made in a long time. So, I consulted my tapas cookbook  and made this squid in beer sauce.

The recipe calls for small squid (less than 4 inches long). Many of the squid I had just bought were that size but some were larger so I cut them into two or three pieces. I served the dish at (room temperature) garnished with a wedge of Meyer lemon and chopped parsley as a small starter dish.

This went well with the Tempranillo we were enjoying (Ribera del Duero 2010 Matanegra Vendimia Seleccionada, WA 92 points).


1 lb small squid tubes and tentacles, cleaned. If much larger than 4 inches long cut into several pieces.

1  medium sweet onion, finely chopped

3 cloves of garlic, crushed and peeled

1 bay leaf

1 medium tomato, skinned, seeded and chopped (I used 5 skinned Campari tomatoes)

4 tbs olive oil

Salt, pepper and sugar (1/4 tbs)

1/2 cup beer (I used rather hoppy Samuel Adams Brown ale)


1. I put 2  tbs of olive oil in a sauce pan on a low flame and added the garlic stirring until fragrant and starting to turn color and added the onion and let it gently cook for 10 minutes with a lid on (#1 below).

2. After the onion was cooked, I added the tomato, bay leaf, sugar, salt and ground black pepper (#2) and kept cooking for another 5 minutes uncovered.

3. In a shallow casserole (I used my antique Pyrex ware), I added 2 tbs of olive oil and heated on a medium flame and sautéd the squid (#3) for 2-3 minutes and added the beer (#4), covered, lowered heat, and simmered for 10 minutes.

4. I added the onion-tomato sauce (#5), covered and cooked another 25 minutes (#6).

5. I removed the squid to a plate and set aside. On a medium flame, I reduced the sauce in half or until thickened (#7).

6. I returned the squid to the pan and cooked 10 more minutes (#8).

The squid was very tender and the sauce was great. My wife reminded me that we used to use this as a pasta sauce.

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