Stuffed crepes 沢山具入りクレープ

japanese cake

After making a batch of crepes, we had quite a lot left over. I made this stuffed crepe one morning for breakfast.

Stuffing: Actually, I do not remember precisely what I did. I am sure this is thinly sliced onion, fresh shiitake mushroom, left over roasted pork, all sautéed together and seasoned with salt and pepper. I placed the crepe on a cookie sheet and then put the stuffing and cheese (My guess is either smoked gouda or gruyere  on top. I folded the crepe over the filling and put them into a 350 degree oven for 10-15 minutes or until they were heated through and the cheese melted.

Compared to omelet, the crepes added a more interesting texture and a faint vanilla flavor that actually works. Of course, my justification for posting this is “any good hearty breakfast will be a good alcohol-soaking ending dish after indulgence”.

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