Sushi Taro Osechi box 寿司太郎のお節重箱

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Again this year, we got Sushi Taro’s New Year’s Osechi box 御節重箱. Many of the items are expected classic osechi items and are just great. A few items, however, change every year.  I am providing you with a description of a few items we really love. The picture below shows the first tier. This year, there were more chestnuts “Shibukawani” 栗の渋皮煮 than last year’s box (supposedly one of the customers asked for it which suited us just fine).

The steamed sea urchin 蒸し雲丹 is wonderful. Short of having raw fresh sea urchin this is a close second.

Herring roe on kelp or “komochi konbu” 子持ち昆布 was presented on a skewer with a green vegetable which was very nice but I cannot figure out what kind of vegetable that was. Small seasoned whole shrimp 小海老艶煮 were nestled between the duck and kumquats simmered in syrup (this is new this year and we really liked it but a word of caution when chewing, you need to pay attention to the orientation of the shrimp to avoid mouth puncture). Hiding in the left lower corner is (miso) marinated egg yolk with walnuts 黄身くるみ or 黄身の味噌漬けくるみ入り which we look forward to every year; great sake snack. Quite a few more items are hiding behind these and we will uncover them as we dig down.

This is the bottom tier. Good sized prawns braised in sake 海老酒煎 are under the “flower” renkon 花輪蓮根 lotus root.  Tender simmered octopus タコの柔らか煮 is just below on the right. In the bottom section on the right is burdock root stuffed with mustard からし牛蒡 which we love. But the best items for us are quietly hiding in the dark recess of the upper right corner (close up coming).

Here are the close ups of mustard stuffed burdock root and New Year’s sweet omelet roll  伊達巻.

Many of the “must-eat-for-New Year” vegetables were present and well prepared.

Here is the close up of the right upper corner; karasumi 唐墨 and monkfish liver terrine 鮟肝とうふ. We can consume a large amount of sake with these two items alone.

We are like kids in a candy store. For the first few days of the new year, we will be living on these items in the box and other items I prepared. This is the best part of the new year’s celebration.

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