Three Otoushi appetizers お通し3種類

japanese cake

These are three appetizers or “Otoshi” お通し I served one evening. It is always nice to start a meal with multiple small appetizer dishes but sometimes coming up with them can be a lot of work. Of course I could make things up ahead of time but somehow things don’t seem to work out that way.

The left most is shira-ae 白和え of green asparagus tips and “Fuyu” persimmon 富有柿.

The middle is “mozuki onsen tamago” もずく温泉卵 that is “mozuku” sea weed in sweet vinegar (store bought frozen) and “Onsen” egg on the top garnished with chopped scallion.

I also served deep fried tofu pouch, grilled. I tried to make it cheese filled or “Kitsune” Raclette but I did not have Raclette cheese and used a combination of cheddar and gruyere cheese which melted and ran out during the cooking process. So this became faintly cheese flavored grilled abura-age.

None of these dishes are new but it is really enjoyable to sip sake and taste these different flavors.

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