Tofu with chicken meat sauce 豆腐の鶏そぼろあんかけ

japanese cake

This is a dish I made using the chicken soboro I made the other day. You could make this using ground chicken as well but the meat has more flavor if you use chicken soboro. I made this as the second dish I served one evening and it was quite nice since it was still rather cold at night.

Ingredients (for two good sized servings):

Tofu,  1 block cut into bite-size cubes.

Chicken “soboro”, 4 tbs

Dashi broth, About 2 cup (I made from a dashi pack)

Mirin, 1 tbs

Concentrated dipping sauce for noodles, 2 tbs or to taste

Ginger grated, 1/2 tsp

Scallion 2 stalks, finely chopped

Potato starch (Katakuriko) 2 tsp with sake or water to make slurry

In a sauce pan, I added the broth and heated it up. When the broth was warm, I added the mirin and concentrated dipping sauce. I tasted it and added a bit more, please be aware that the soboro is already seasoned. I could add more seasoning later if needed.

I added the tofu, put the lid on and simmered for 10 minutes until the tofu is thoroughly warmed (do not boil). I removed the tofu to the serving bowls using a slotted spoon. I then added the soboro, tasted it (adjust the saltiness as needed). I then streamed in the potato starch slurry in several increments until I reached the desired thickness of the broth (the broth needs to be near boiling to have the full thickening effect of the potato starch).

I ladled the hot broth over the tofu and garnished it with the chopped scallion and grated ginger.

This dish can be easily made using raw ground chicken but using soboro gives it a more complex flavor. The rather assertive ginger flavor was nice. We had this with cold sake but the tastes are rather neutral and should go well with any wine.

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